Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cold Weather Joint Relief

It's winter time here again and one thing that sometimes we may overlook with our furry love ones is how this affects their joints. Being an owner of two St. Bernard’s I see how the cold air changes their mobility. There are many different methods of dealing with this issue. My first recommendation is that you give your dogs glucosamine year round. I have found that Cosequin for dogs works extremely well and it is easy to use. Just break the capsules open and pour the contents over your dog’s food. It is tasteless so you should have no troubles. You can find this product at either at your vet or at 1800 Pet Meds ( The other more immediate relief is to go to your vet and ask for Meloxicam (I would not recommend giving you dogs Advil or like products). This is an anti-inflammatory and depending on the size of your dog you just give them one pill as needed. Remember that as we all get a bit older our joints seem to show the wear of life. Joint health in dogs is key to keeping your dog happy and pain free!

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