Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Safety For Our Furry Friends

First off happy holidays to you all. As I attended Christmas parties; I noticed some events that could have really gotten a dog sick or even die. Remember that not all your friends and acquaintances that you celebrate with this year have dogs and understand that dogs too can get really sick. In one instance I saw folks continually feeding my friend’s dog. As you all know dog are opportunists by nature and will of course accept food when presented. After awhile the dog slinked away to throw up and eventually the next day became very sick from being fed too much and being fed things that they should not have. Another instance I notice a complete immature adult feeding a dog alcohol. He of course thought this was the funniest thing that he ever saw. You all know how alcohol affects humans, but in dogs the process of breaking down the alcohol is quite different and can lead to sickness and aggressive behavior. And of course the chocolate. Remember that this can lead to death of a dog quickly. All of us have those awesome holiday treats around, so just remember to have them in a place the dogs cannot get to.

I guess what I am saying is that remind those around you that your dog is not to be fed by anyone but you and by no means fed alcohol or chocolates. Ask those close to you to monitor these requests with those that you do know that well so you and your best friend will enjoy the holidays.

Finally, during this coming New Year let’s all remember those dogs that are not as privilege as ours and donate to our local pet charities. Even just a small bag of food can help your local shelters provide a better life for those dogs that are abandon or abused.

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Shauna (Fido and Wino) said...

Great tips!

madison said...

I agree that as pet owners and parents of our four legged children we need to take responsibility and make sure that no one else is feeding your dog. It worries me that so many people can be so unconscious and cruel as to feed a dog alcohol or chocolate for their own amusement. Our dogs are really like our children as they depend upon us for security and protection from harm and we desrve to give them the very best of it. Thank you for posting this. Please read my post on "Are Dogs the New Kids In Town?"
all the best,
Madison Svensson